Our cozy, open-air hotel Spa embedded in the tropical gardens provides you with the relaxing moments you seeked for. Indulge yourself with an unforgettable treatment in the hands of experts and in the midst of the lovely, natural surroundings of Hotel Capitán Suizo.

Massages on the beach are also offered to those who would like to enjoy the treatment while listening to the gentle murmur of the waves. It is quite likely, that afterwards you will be floating to the beach, feeling as light as a butterfly and enjoying a brief swim out to visit the pelicans. Our Spa team is looking forward to pamper your senses.


Dear guest,
My name is Leonilda.

Life has given me many opportunities that allowed me to acquire experience, knowledge and most of all passion for the work I do today.

When I was studying physical therapy I learned the basis of all my knowledge regarding Oriental Massage. I learned how the human body holds many secrets which unfold through the art of massage, obtaining not only the relaxation of the muscles, but also the vital energy of our spirit which fills our physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Ever since I graduated as a physical therapist, I have enjoyed my love for this art in the different places where I’ve worked. Before I had my first baby I was managing one of the best Spas in the country.

Here at Capitán Suizo I have begun a new adventure which has offered me the opportunity to continue on the path I most enjoy, to help you, providing you with the service you deserve with the help of our enthusiastic therapists.

Welcome to Aromas del Mar Spa, where you will be greeted by the sounds of nature and if you wish by the sound of the waves and the sea breeze.

Download the Spa Brochure here

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