Our Garden

The hotel is an oasis embedded in a large tropical garden with native trees that home a wide variety of wildlife. Being able to live side by side with many different species since the very beginning is like a gift and it is a great pleasure for us to share this treasure with our flora and fauna loving guests.

The way we integrate the nature in our hotel is absolutely unique in Costa Rica and can only be found at Hotel Capitán Suizo. It consists of a wide variety of native trees and abundant ornamental plants, which home and attract a vast diversity of wildlife. Thanks to a large amount of our organic waste and the production and application of 100% organic fertilizers, our lush garden has become a safe place for all forms of life. The large variety of flora species provides wildlife a site to feed, mate, nest, rest or move freely.

Throughout the hotel garden we have kept biological natural corridors and paths connected with outside forest areas to provide wildlife the possibility to travel around in a safe way in their pursuit to find habitat and food inside as well as outside our gardens.

The biological corridor connects our property with a protected area across the street. This protected area measures more than 2 hectares. In the past, trees allowed the howler monkeys and squirrels to enter the hotel area; in April 2006 a tree felt down right in front of the hotel and the passage way was disconnected, therefore we built the first monkey bridge in Tamarindo which has been used not only by them but also by porcupines, squirrels and anteaters. The following map consists of a representation of the main routes maintained by the hotel as biological paths for wildlife.


Costa Rica is well known for its high biodiversity. It possesses 5% of all biodiversity of species in the world. In our opinion this is precious and exemplary and that is why we want to support this diversity per square kilometer.

In the tropics, the many different kinds of insects, such as ants, spiders, bees, wasps and butterflies play a very important role in balancing the ecosystem; for this reason we perceive their presence in our garden as a favorable circumstance.

Since we have the privilege to live side by side with the wildlife, through the years, we have been able to observe their behavior. What is so amazing for us is to see how different species respect each other and in several cases they even care for each other (the photos below speak for themselves).

Already during the design phase, we decided to keep the native trees; the buildings and the pool were planned around and beneath them. Thanks to this decision, the animals that used to live on the property remained during the time of construction as it was also not very noisy due to lack of machinery. During all these years the garden grew a lot and contributes even more to the charming and relaxing atmosphere of the hotel.

From time to time we have to cut some branches; and in every single one of these cases we make sure that we maintain the biological corridor for the wildlife and by doing so we preserve the uniqueness that is Capitán Suizo.


The In each corner of the hotel one can observe the magnificent beauty of Costa Rica’s nature. Birds, howler monkeys, squirrels, gray iguanas, green iguanas, porcupines, geckos, armadillos, skunks, frogs, raccoons and anteaters are just some of the animals that can be seen almost daily throughout the hotel’s garden.


We have in our garden more than 60 different species of main trees and ornamental plants, most of them native species but also some very conspicuous exotic tropical species. Tamarind tree, Guanacaste tree, Star fruit tree, Cotton plant, Flamboyant, Spiny Cedar, Kapok tree and Calabash tree are some of the species that you can find here. 

If you would like to know more about our plants please visit: Illustrated Review of some Garden Plants