Sea Turtle watching

A great guest experience to share

Sea turtles are incredible animals. They spend months, years or their whole life (in the case of males) feeding in the ocean hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from the coast. But each of them was born on land and the females must return to land to dig nests and lay eggs.

This happened 3 days ago, next to Tamarindo, in Playa Langosta. Two guests of Capitán Suizo were very lucky to live this beautiful experience. During their walk on the beach, they happened to see a sea turtle "Lora" (Lepidochelys olivacea) coming out of the water to lay their eggs. The effort to make a hole to put the eggs inside is a very hard job for the turtle, it came from very far away and must lay eggs after a long trip. Our lucky guests wanted to share it with all of us. In this video you can see that the turtle is tired, but very motivated to dig a safe place for their eggs. In the end, the mother managed to lay her eggs calm and return to the sea.

In the past we have also had some births in front of the hotel and in other nearby areas, that is why in Playa Tamarindo many efforts are being made to avoid sea pollution to protect our turtles, one of these initiatives is the rejection of the use of plastic straws for drinks or its replacement by paper straws. This is an initiative that you can see in our restaurant, where we avoid waste that can harm our beach and its animals.


Una increíble experiencia para compartir

Las tortugas marinas son animales increíbles. Pasan meses, años o toda su vida (en el caso de los machos) alimentándose en el mar a cientos o incluso miles de kilómetros de la costa. Pero cada una de ellas nació en tierra y las hembras, al menos, deben volver a tierra para cavar nidos y poner huevos.

Esto sucedió anteayer, a la par de Tamarindo, en Playa Langosta. Dos huéspedes de Capitán Suizo tuvieron mucha suerte de vivir esta experiencia tan hermosa. Durante su caminata en la playa, vieron por casualidad a una tortuga marina “Lora” (Lepidochelys olivacea) saliendo del agua para poner sus huevos. El esfuerzo de hacer un hoyo para poner los huevos dentro, es un trabajo muy duro para la tortuga, vino de muy lejos y debe poner huevos después de un largo viaje. Nuestros afortunados huéspedes quisieron compartirlo con todos nosotros. En su video se puede ver que la tortuga está cansada, pero muy motivada para cavar un lugar seguro para sus huevos. Al final, la madre logro poner sus huevos tranquila y regresar al mar.

En el pasado hemos tenido también algunos nacimientos en frente del hotel y en otras áreas cercanas, es por eso que En Playa Tamarindo se están haciendo muchos esfuerzos para evitar la contaminación del mar y proteger nuestras tortugas, una de estas iniciativas es el rechazo del uso de pajillas plásticas para bebidas o su reemplazo por pajillas de papel. Esta es una iniciativa que puedes ver en nuestro restaurante, donde evitamos residuos que pueden hacer daño a nuestra playa y sus animales.  

Sea Turtles hatching in front of Capitán Suizo, January 2017

Local School Project

We are glad to support local schools close to Tamarindo every year to provide them with textbooks. Also we encourage you, as a guest, to support our children’s education through the International project “Pack for a Purpose“ by bringing school supplies in your luggage. 

We collect the supplies at front desk all year round. At the beginning of the year we go to the school to deliver and share a day with the teacher and children. This week we went to The Ranchos Elementary School and we want to share a video of this beautiful and touching experience. If you would like to be part of this next year, please visit:

Homemade wooden Furniture is more than a beautiful material.


Since the beginning we, at Capitan Suizo, have made the decision to create homemade furniture on our property using the most traditional and local techniques of Costarican artisans. We have been doing this for more than 20 years and are still doing it to this day, even when the cost of maintenance is high due our location being directly on the beach and when nowadays, it is very common to buy nice and inexpensive imported furniture from different Asian locations.

Why have we decided to use local wood and make our own furniture at home in a small space in front of the hotel? Because we love wood as a natural material and also because this process and material has many other benefits for us: 

  1. Wood is the most ecological material ever, because it is part of nature and the impact of its responsible use on the environment is very low. Responsibly sourced wood is the only renewable building material available. It produces only biodegradable residues, is totally reusable, very durable and versatile.

  2. The use of wood in Costa Rica promotes the local development of rural areas, where the wood is grown. By using locally grown wood we also help to reduce the impact caused by the transportation of imported wood or furniture. We use mainly Cedar and Teak from local plantations.

  3. Wood products store carbon dioxide (CO2) and by using wood as a material; we help to reduce tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere because the wood stores the CO2 it captures in its biomass (wood) during the trees growth. When a tree falls and decomposes it then releases all the CO2 back into the environment, but when the biomass is used as furniture, the CO2 can be preserved and captured for around 75 years! The use of wood instead of other materials, reduces the emission of 2 tons of CO2 into the environment for every m3 of wood!

  4. The production and processing of wood uses much less energy and water than most other building materials.

  5. Jobs generation: In Capitán Suizo we have two people employed full-time working as carpenters making furniture for the hotel and once a year we hire around ten local cabinetmakers to help with the total furniture restoration.

  6. In Costa Rica, after the decline of cattle raising as economic activity, most of the empty lands were used for reforestation and commercial wood plantations. Costa Rica is the only country in America that managed to reverse deforestation and has a Country Goal to reach the Neutral Carbon Footprint by 2021.

  7. Wood is good for health and wellbeing. Exposure to wooden furniture and fittings has real and measurable health and wellbeing benefits. It helps lower heart rate and stress responses and encourages greater interaction between people.

It is due to all these reasons that in Capitán Suizo each piece of furniture is made with love by the hands of our staff with your comfort in mind and to be in harmony with our environment.