Out of respect and sympathy towards the culture, the traditions and the character of this country, (which succeeded to place 25% of its total area into conservation), it was only natural from the very beginning for Capitán Suizo to integrate nature and animals with love and respect as well as to contribute positively to the local communities.  

Since February 2011, the hotel has been certified with the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST), a program developed by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT). In 2013 the hotel achieved 5 leaves, the highest possible level in this certification; reflecting itsenvironmental, social, cultural and economic commitment throughout its operation.


We are a Beachfront Boutique Hotel offering unique and unforgettable experiences, services and a high quality infrastructure. We boast an informal and cheerful atmosphere where animals and nature are integrated with love and respect and where both guests and employees feel completely satisfied, operating under sustainable practices with the social and cultural environments of which we are part.


To position ourselves as the most sought-after Beachfront Boutique Hotel on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica by 2020 with high standards of ethics, quality and personalized service; operating under sustainable practices with the environmental, social and cultural surroundings. We aim to place great emphasis on the protection of flora, wildlife and all natural resources in general due to the effects caused by tourism development.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Equality
  • Solidarity
  • Honesty
  • Ethics


Our policies


Sustainability Policy

We have a commitment to perform all the processes that are involved in the function and operation of our company in a sustainable way with the environment and the local society, which means that all our practices and activities can be performed without compromising the resources that are available to future generations.

For this purpose we have identified the environmental, social and trade policies that define the actions of our company.

Social Policies

Policy of Social Development

This hotel, since its foundation and over time, contributes to the development of the Tamarindo community and other nearby towns in order to stimulate social and economic development of its inhabitants through activities, projects or grants that are handled through organized groups, community organizations or government institutions.

We implement a policy of social development structured of actions and projects in which the hotel participates in and encourages the community members and local companys, to consolidate its efforts in favor of the community through the Development Asociation of Tamarindo Beach (ADIT), Community organization of which we are part. 

Click the following link for further information about ADIT's projects:



Also we are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for local schools we support in need, you will make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families.

We encourage you to be part of some of our social projects by visiting the following link:


Policy on prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation
In this company, we discourage the exploitation of human beings. In particular, sexual exploitation that involves children and adolescents. This act goes against the fundamental objectives of Responsible Tourism by means of the following:

  • We DO NOT tolerate prostitution in this hotel.
  • We only accept registered guests within the rooms.
  • We DO NOT work with travel agencies or organizations that promote Costa Rica as a sex destination.
  • We support initiatives that seek to eliminate prostitution.
  • As a serious commitment in this regard, the hotel has, since 2006, signed and implemented the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism.

Environmental policies

Policy of protection of the Flora and Wild Fauna
At Hotel Capitán Suizo, we are aware of the value that biodiversity possess for sustainable development and for the future of Costa Rica. This is put into practice through our love for all forms of life, and in our delicate location on the border of National Park Marino Las Baulas, which was created for the protection of the sea Leatherback Turtles (an endangered species) and as transit area and habitat for many other species of wildlife such as raccoons, howler monkeys, iguanas, squirrels, porcupines, birds and many more. We encourage and take the following measures for the protection of flora and fauna:

Policy in support of the protection of wildlife
Hotel Capitán Suizo provides support for the Ministry of Environment and Energy in terms of caring for wounded wildlife; these interventions are provided to those cases that are within the possibilities of our company.

Policy on merchandizing and extraction of wildlife
At Hotel Capitán Suizo we reject any merchandizing and/or extraction of wild flora and fauna and if we are aware of a case we will make the corresponding complaint.

Artificial lighting
The artificial lighting of the hotel, through its style and location, does not alter the natural environment nor does it disturb wildlife behavior.

Noise generation
The areas in which noise is generated through the maintenance and development of furniture are away from wildlife habitats and the premises of hotel guests, allowing an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

High noise levels are not even allowed during special events and are strictly prohibited without exception. We prohibit the use of gunpowder within the property since we believe that it directly affects the wildlife that inhabits the area.

Respect of Wildlife
In Capitán Suizo we do not keep species of wildlife in captive conditions, we do not possess artificial feeders and we encourage our clients and staff members to follow the rules of the National System of Protected Areas (SINAC) as when visiting a national park or any protected area.

Maintenance of green areas
The green areas of Hotel Capitán Suizo are 100% organic, they are maintained with organic fertilizers and free of pesticides, they represent a biological corridor and habitat for wildlife; for this reason we maintain the gardens retaining routes for wildlife and areas of native species that provide them with food, rest and/or reproduction sites.

Policy for the sustainable management of resources (water, solid waste, electricity, gas) 
We recognize the importance of our resources for the development of life and any productive activity, so we manage these in a sustainable way through rational use and by implementing the following plans of action:

Plan of water resource conservation
We try to decrease the consumption of water resources, reduce waste and involve team members and guests through a program of monitoring, environmental education, responsible practices and the implementation of efficient technology.

Some of the actions that we perform:

  • Internal meter installation and implementation of a log for the control of daily consumption and mechanisms to control leaks immediately.
  • We inform our team members, through workshops, on responsible use of water resources.
  • We encourage our guests to participate by reducing the washing of towels and sheets.

Plan of Electric Energy Savings
We aim to reduce our energy as much as possible by means of a preventative maintenance program and involving team members and guests by means of environmental education, application of responsible practices, implementation of efficient technologies and the use of alternative energy.

Some of the actions that we perform:

  • Monitoring and analysis of monthly energy consumption.
  • We inform our team, through workshops, on the responsible use of energy resources.
  • As part of the philosophy of rest, relaxation, and a disconnection from daily routine and to reduce the consumption of electricity, we offer rooms without television.
  • We offer our guests the option of staying in air-conditioned rooms or in the Superior rooms and Bungalows called "Ocean Breeze" which are kept cool through natural air circulation and ceiling fans. They are ideal for people who prefer the "natural life" and those who want to enjoy listening to the sounds of the natural beauty of this country. This environmentally friendly option is offered at a discounted rate.
  • Implementation of the use of alternative energy for heating water in some of the rooms.

Solid Waste Management Plan
Our goal is a reduced in the amount of recyclable waste and not recyclable waste through a system that includes appropriate actions in relation to the internal management, collection, separation, storage, treatment and final disposal of these wastes.

Some of the actions we take:

  • We provide facilities to our partners and guests to properly recycle.
  • Daily Monitoring and monthly analysis of the production of waste by type.
  • We impart workshops on the proper management of waste to our team.
  • Verifying the final and responsible disposal of all types of waste generated by our operations including that of alternative and electronic nature, and fluorescent and paint residues.

Plan to reduce the carbon footprint
We determine our carbon footprint through the measurement of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere produced by our operations. We aim to reduce, mitigate and/or compensate for part of these emissions by means of creating awareness within our team and guests, and the implementation of good practices that promote the responsible use of our emission sources.

Some of the actions we take:

  • Perform annual reforestation and environmental education activities that include the children of our community.
  • We inform our staff, through workshops, on climate change and its effects.
  • We encourage our customers to offset the carbon footprint emitted by their trip to Costa Rica. We urge them to offset the footprint by visiting the following link:

Atmosfair gGmbH - Zossener Str. 55-58 - 10961 Berlin / Ph +49 30 6273550-13 -

Trade Policy

Purchasing Policy
We intend to achieve a balance between the social, environmental and economic considerations that involve the acquisition of products and services to take steps to help reduce costs and waste, improve the planning, optimize processes, reduce waste generation and also to encourage local and regional economic development.

All of the above measures are based on environmental, social and economic criteria in selecting our suppliers.