The Team


The Management


Urs Schmid / General Manager & Owner 

I am the General Manager of the Hotel and son of the owners. My goal is that our customers enjoy their time in the Capitan Suizo to its fullest and hopefully return to Costa Rica and come visit us again. I am Swiss and came to Costa Rica with my parents when I was seven years old. After living here for several years I returned to Switzerland when I was 13 years old to attend Swiss High School. In Switzerland I also served in the Swiss military for 1 year, studied economics in Zürich for another year and hospitality for three years in the École hôtelière de Lausanne, before moving back to Costa Rica in 2014 to take over my parents business. I feel highly fortunate that I was able to grow up with two different cultures and learn from both and I am very thankful that I was able to take over the Hotel Capitán Suizo, the lifework of my parents. I am also much involved in the development of Tamarindo, having been elected twice by the local community to represent Tamarindo’s need to the government through the ADIT (Integral development association of Tamarindo). The ADIT is involved in many projects and services, if you would like to learn more, please visit the website: my time off I spend much time with sports, I enjoy to go running, swimming, surfing, kayaking, dancing salsa and playing beach volleyball. I also love to travel, to read or to watch a good movie.


Sonia Fuentes / Manager /

I grew up in a very small mountain town in Turrialba at the Caribbean side of the country.

I moved to Liberia, Guanacaste to study Ecotourism at college, before I came to Tamarindo 18 years ago where I found not only an excellent job opportunity but a place that I consider my second home; a place where I have been able to grow on a professional and personal level; a place that considers sustainable practices within its operations as well as the love and respect for all sentient living beings and that really fits with my way of living.

While working at the hotel I have had the chance to study business administration and project management, which has given me the great opportunity to teach management of sustainable enterprises and hospitality at university during my time off. I also like to travel, read and go biking during my spare time. I enjoy the beach so much as well as trekking in our beautiful forests.

I really hope our guests truly enjoy Costa Rica in general and the Capitán Suizo unique experience!


Diego Araya / Manager /

In 1994 I decided to move from my rural hometown, where I grew up, San Ramón (near the Central Valley) to Liberia, Guanacaste in order to study Ecotourism at the University of Costa Rica. Just before graduating from college I had the opportunity to join the front desk team at Hotel Capitan Suizo which ¨hooked¨ me since the beginning by its warmer and friendly management touch and also by its sustainable commitment operation.

It did not last longer for me to feel the Capitan Suizo soul in order to become my second home for my last 20 years, not only for letting me grow as a professional in the hospitality industry, but also as a person with my own challenging goals to keep stable, happy, motivated and active!

Besides working, I have been able to continue my college studies in business administration (2005) and project management (2014). I also teach management and ecotourism at the university during my time off. I am a nature lover and as most Costa Ricans soccer is in my blood !  I also enjoy travelling, hiking, swimming, and most outdoor sports.

As a proud Costa Rican, I always expect we can offer our guests a unique lifetime experience thru their visit to our country and of course during their stay in Capitán Suizo enough to keep tempting them to keep coming back!!

Heads of Departments


Rosa Villarreal  / Concierge /

I am from Santa Rosa, a little town near Tamarindo. I have been working at Capitán Suizo for over 16 years at the tour desk, extremely welcoming. I am always happy to help our guests with many years of experiences to provide good suggestions for entertainment, activities and various services within the area. I will help you with pleasure to make your stay as fun, adventurous or relaxing as you wish.


Raúl Esquivel  / Head of Front Office /

I am from Nicoya, but I live in a little town near Tamarindo. I have been working at Capitán Suizo for over 10 years. For 5 years I have been the chief of the reception and the reservations department. We help our future guests to find the best accommodations and as front desk we welcome every guest with all our dedication, we also assist them with anything they may need, for them to have a pleasant stay.


Isabelle Furger / Owner Assistant /

I’m from Switzerland, but I have been living here in Tamarindo since October 2017. I moved to this beautiful country for many reasons. Since my first visit in 2013 I fell in love with the enchanting nature, the beautiful landscapes and over all the friendly and open minded people. I came back almost every year since, to see and explore more places in Costa Rica. In Switzerland I was working as a nurse, but I made the decision to accept a new challenge and move to Tamarindo. It was a big change in my life, but I do not regret it for a second. Here I feel like I am at home, I have made a lot of new friends who have impacted my life positively. I am grateful for all of the new things that I am learning. I work with an amazing team that I appreciate very much, at a job that I love as well.

To keep a good work-life balance I do spinning, and I love to dance salsa and bachata. I also enjoy going for a walk on the beach during sunset.

At the hotel I work as owner’s assistant. I am responsible for our guests and their satisfaction. I provide back up support in German, English and Spanish. For me personally, it’s very important that you feel very comfortable and have a very enjoyable and relaxing time. I am glad to help you with any inquires, wishes or issues.  


Rachael Kershaw / Management /

I am from Switzerland and I manage the Capitán Suizo restaurant, “El Barco“ as well as events. During my time off, I love to practice Yoga, Surf and Beach volleyball. I am even competing on the Costa Rica National Beach Volleyball tournament and ranked 13th in the country.


Marisella Rocha / Chef de Service /

I am in charge of the restaurant service during the mornings. I feel that I am very helpful and approachable. I love to talk with people, I really like that our guests get enough information about my country and the things that they can do. 


Helen Soto / Assistant Manager /

I am from Escazú a town of San José in the center of the country, but I moved to Guanacaste 13 years ago to study Eco Tourism at college, I felt in love with the life style far away of the city, so I decided to stay in Guanacaste. Today I work as assistant manager but I also cooperate with social and environmental programs as volunteer at Tamarindo Town. I have 7 years working at Capitán Suizo. In my time off I like to read a good book or walk along the beach with Coco, my dog.


Jairo Araya / Head of Garden, Wildlife & Security /

I am from San Ramón a town of Alajuela. I am the responsible for the lush 100% organic garden. I am also in charge of wild fauna, security, pool maintenance and I manage the Farm of the Family where we have horses and other animals, as well as many kinds of trees. I have been working at Capitan Suizo for over 12 years and I feel as part of this big family. I spend my time off, sharing with my family.


Maureen Chaves / Head of Housekeeping /

Hello! My name is Maureen Chaves, I live in Villarreal, the closest town to Tamarindo, I am the Housekeeper from the hotel, I’ve been working here for 15 years. I love to talk with other people and I am studying English so I love to practice my language skills. I spend my time off with my family and with my studies.  


Ademar Rosales “Cucho” / Pool maintenance 

Hi mi name is Cucho. I am from Villarreal, the closest town to Tamarindo. I am in charge of the maintenance of the pool area, that is why I am always around trying to make all that area look perfect, also I am always taking care of the green iguanas, they live on the trees around the pool. I have been working at Capitán Suizo since 20 years ago, almost from the beginning!